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Quality Core

(Beginning with the 2013-14 school year, end-of-course assessment which will count as 20 percent of a student's overall grade. 8th graders taking Algebra will test when they have finished their coursework, as will students completing Algebra 1B)

End-of-course assessment implementation calendar

School Year Subjects

English 9 & 10

Algebra I




English 10

Algebra I


Global Scholar Performance Series

(replaces STAR Reading and Math for benchmark analysis of student strengths and weaknesses; progress monitoring component is Achievement Series)

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Common Core Resources

How to Teach Students to Evaluate Information: A Key Common Core Skill

Implementation Guide for Integrating Literacy in Science

Bloom's Taxonomy: What's Old is New Again

Teach the Common Core: How to Manage Classroom Behaviors to Promote Learning For Students in Grades 3-12

Five-Minute Vocabulary Strategies for the Common Core

Helping Students Navigate Nonfiction Text: Paving the Way toward Understanding